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Types of Wallets
Slim wallets are taking over the world, and let's be honest... Who really wants a thick, bulky wallet anymore? Slim Wallets My goal here is to provide honest reviews on any wallets that claim to be slim. Many wallet sellers online claim their wallets are slim, when in reality, they aren't slim at all. I want to make the world a better place for anyone who simply wants a wallet that fits in their front pocket. Slim Wallet Reviews In every review I announce whether the wallet is "Slim Wallet Dude Approved". To be deemed Slim Wallet Dude Approved, I must answer yes to two questions
  1. Is the wallet as thin as they say it is?
  2. Is the product made with quality
To answer question 1, I measure the thickness of each wallet with a caliper.

To answer question 2, I use the wallet as my everyday carry. I learn the pros and cons of the design.

What Is A Slim Wallet???

  • A slim wallet can fit easily in your front pocket
  • Typically less than half an inch thick
Slim Wallets

Why You Need A Slim Wallet...

  1. Fat Wallet Syndrome

  2. Sitting on your wallet can cause pain and numbness in your legs.
  3. The pain and numbness is caused by pressure on the Sciatic Nerve.
  4. In the worst cases,Fat Wallet Syndrome can lead to RUPTURED DISKS in your back...
Slim Wallet RFID Blocking
  1. The cards in your wallet are like mini radio stations, broadcasting to everyone within 5 feet what is inside.
  2. This puts you at risk of having your information stolen by hackers on the street...THE GOOD NEWS,MANY SLIM WALLETS BLOCK RFID SIGNAL.Slim WalletThey're just cool...
  3. Slim wallets feature sleek designs, high quality materials, and stately appearanceSlim Wallet

How Do I Choose The Best Slim Wallet For Me?

"There are so many slim wallets out there. Can't someone just show me the good ones?..."

Here Are Some Lists Of My Favorite Slim Wallets...

Slim Bifold Wallets

Slim Wallets

Minimalist Slim Wallets

Slim Wallet

No Fold WalletsSlim Wallet

For a full breakdown of each type of wallet, read my article, Types of Wallets

Slim Wallet

For more information on Fat Wallet Syndrome