Bellroy Note Sleeve Review – The World’s Best Slim Bifold Wallet, or scrap leather?

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Overview of the Bellroy Note Sleeve

This is Luke, the Slim Wallet Dude. In this video I will review the Bellroy Note Sleeve.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Bellroy is a big name in slim wallets, specifically slim bifold wallets.

They have reduced the layers of leather needed to make a bifold wallet…

Which should make it significantly thinner than the traditional bifold wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review


But some people don’t agree…

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

In this article I’ll discuss whether you should buy the Bellroy Note Sleeve, or if you should keep your money in the wallet you have….

In a traditional bifold wallet, you create pockets by sewing in extra pieces of leather.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

The Bellroy Note Sleeve takes a different approach to adding pockets.

While traditional bifolds create pockets by adding leather, Bellroy creates pockets by taking leather away

They cut slits wide enough for a card to slide in vertically.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

The Bellroy Note Sleeve holds up to 12 cards, 20+ bills, has a coin pocket, and blocks RFID signal.

After using the wallet for 3 weeks, I’ve discovered several pros and cons. I will discuss the pros first, and then the cons, and then lastly, I’ll give my final opinion and announce if the Bellroy Note Sleeve is Slim Wallet Dude Approved.

Pro #1 – Fits comfortably in your front pocket

When it comes to bifold wallets, the Bellroy Note Sleeve sets the bar very thin, measuring in at only .56 inches with 7 cards inside.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Compare that to a standard bifold, which is over a quarter inch more thick..

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

I know a quarter inch doesn’t sound like much, but when it comes to fitting something in your front pocket, a quarter inch makes a big difference.

Pro #2 – Good for cash

They call it the “Note” Sleeve because it’s designed to hold bank notes

A.K.A. “Cash”

The Bellroy Note Sleeve keeps your bills flat, which sets it apart from most slim wallets.

Most slim wallets require you to fold up your cash, causing it to become creased and wadded up.

If you like your cash flat and uncrinkled, the Bellroy Note Sleeve may be the wallet for you.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Pro #3 – Pull tab

The 4 slit pockets give you easy access to your most commonly used cards, but where do you put the rest of your cards?

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

There is one large pocket for your less frequently used cards…

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

And a convenient pull tab to make accessing those cards a breeze.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

This is a great pockets for gift cards, insurance cards, any card that you don’t use on a regular basis, but when you do need it, you need it quickly.

Honorable Mention: Coin Pocket

The coin pocket is a great addition for people who don’t want to let loose change clink around in their pants pockets.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

I decided to list it as an honorable mention because although I like the idea, I don’t use it much.

Partly because I don’t carry loose change often.

And also because the flap makes it difficult to get coins in and out of the pocket.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Con #1 – Square design isn’t perfect for front pocket

Although the Bellroy Note Sleeve is plenty thin enough to fit in your front pocket…

The square shape doesn’t always allow it to slide in easily.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

If it were more rectangular, it would slide into your front pocket like butter.

But the square shape is unavoidable. Bellroy made the wallet as small as they could.

The wallet’s measurements are one dollar bill long by one credit card wide, so we can’t beat up Bellroy too much for this one…

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Con #2 – One of the pockets is not cut wide enough

One of the pockets is not cut wide enough to let a card slide in easily.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

You can get the card to fit if you jimmy it in…

But I avoid using the pocket for fear of tearing the leather


With the pros and cons considered, it’s time I give my final opinion…

Slim Bifold Wallet

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is truly a slim bifold wallet.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

It has all the functionality of a traditional bifold, while being is 30% thinner.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

But does that make up for the fact that I can’t use one of the pockets? And what about the square shape?

Well I’ve made my decision, and the decision is…

The Bellroy Note Sleeve is Slim Wallet Dude Approved!

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

I make all of my decisions based on 2 questions:

  1. Is the product made with quality?
  2. Is it slimmer than my old bifold wallet?

And in the case of the Bellroy Note Sleeve, the answer to both questions is yes.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

It’s significantly thinner than my old bifold wallet.

And even though I can’t use one of the pockets, it’s still one of the highest quality products I’ve ever owned.

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Brian Baker says May 28, 2018

Hey SlimWalletDude,

I found the review of the Bellroy interesting, until I saw the price. I’m a cheap wallet buyer and will never drop $95 on a wallet; I like having something to put in my new wallet after the purchase. I think my price point on a wallet is in the $5-$10 range. For example, I found a Travelambo 6 card & cash minimalist wallet on eBay for $5.22 and I bought one. I only want a good deal on a wallet.

What do you think of using a 2 wallet system? One wallet in the front pocket with important cards and most cash, and one wallet in the back pocket with a junk card a little cash as a throw-away if your robbed.

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