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What is the Best Slim Bifold In the World? (Slim Wallet Showdown)

​What is the World's Best Slim Bifold?

You've looked for bifold wallets online before right? Every man probably has. 

​And if you're a bit like me, you didn't have any clue what to buy. 

So what was my solution? 

I bought as many slim bifolds as I could afford, and found one that was better than the rest.

In this video, I'll tell you which slim bifold I think is the best.
And I'll teach you more about bifold wallets than you thought there was to learn.

​Watch the video below to see the BEST slim bifold I've ever owned

​Here are links to the exact wallets I showed in the video

​Big Skinny Wallet

big skinny wallet

​Bellroy Note Sleeve

Bellroy Note Sleeve

​Huskk Wallet

Huskk Wallet

Hey slim wallet dudes, Today we’re doing a slim wallet showdown. 

​I’ve got 3 of the top slim bifold wallets here, and In this video I’ll tell you which of the three wallets is the best, but along the way I’ll show you how each wallet has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. And that determining what slim wallet is “The best”, really depends on your own personal preferences.

So the three wallets are the Bellroy note sleeve, Big Skinny Curve, and the Huskk ​Bifold.

We’ll judge these slim wallets based on 4 factors.

  1. ​Usability

  2. Durability

  3. Aesthetics

  4. and of course, slimness.

First let’s talk about slimness.

The golden threshold for slimness is half an inch thick with 7 cards inside. 

If a wallet is below half an inch it will fit so comfortably in your pocket, that you can’t even feel it.

All the way to .6 inches will fit just fine, but when you sit down you’ll feel it in your pocket.

​I measured the thickness of each wallet with 7 cards inside, and here are the results

  1. ​3rd place at .56 inches is the Bellroy Note Sleeve

  2. ​2nd place at .48 inches is the Huskk

  3. And the slimmest wallet at .46 inches is the Big Skinny Curve

Not only is the big skinny curve the thinnest, it also has this curved edge which allows it to drop into your front pocket with very little resistance.

The square-edged wallets, can get caught on the lip of your pocket.

The Huskk and the Bellroy fit in your front pocket very comfortably, just not quite as well as the Big Skinny.

And the Bellroy is above the half inch mark, which means you’ll feel it in your pocket when you sit down.

But slimness doesn’t come for free. You’ll see soon that there are only two ways to make a wallet more slim.

One way is to use a thinner material. 

Which leads us into our second topic, Durability.

The durability is entirely dependent on the type of material used to make the wallet.

And each of these wallets is made with a different material with varying levels of durability.

Coming in third place, is the Big Skinny Curve.

It’s made from nylon microfiber, this is a very thin material which works fine for the short term, but in 3-5 years it’ll get totally worn out. Some people also dislike its texture.

Coming in second place is the Bellroy Note Sleeve. 

It’s made from Top Grain Leather, which is the 2nd highest grade of leather you can buy. The only type of leather more durable is Full Grain leather. The difference being that Top Grain leather is slightly thinner, meaning it’s a little less durable.

And the most durable wallet of the three is the Huskk. 

It’s made from Full grain leather. This type of leather is known for its durability, and as it ages the leather will take on character and actually look better over time.

So to do a quick recap, 

​The big skinny curve was the thinnest of the three, but it was the least durable.

The Huskk was the most durable, and the 2nd most thin.

And the Bellroy was the thickest wallet, and the 2nd most durable.

So right now you may be thinking that the Huskk is the best wallet.

But remember how I said there are only 2 ways to make a wallet more slim?

We showed that one way is to use a thinner, less durable material

And the other way to slim it down is to reduce the number of pockets in the wallet

​Which leads us into our 3rd topic, Usability.

To have great usability, a slim bifold should have several card pockets, and one large pocket for cash that keeps bills crisp and organized.

​I've analyzed these wallets for a long time, and I've ranked them in Usability.

Coming in 3rd place in usability is the Huskk Wallet.

The huskk only has 2 card pockets, and no large pocket for cash.
Since the cards have to share pockets, it can be a little slow to pull out the card you need sometimes. And the cash is under this strip of leather, which is a little hard to slide cash into, and it doesn’t give any organization.

In 2nd place is the Big Skinny Wallet. 

It has several card pockets, and has a large cash pocket that keeps money crisp and organized. It also has a large card pocket behind the id window to hold your less used cards like insurance or gift cards.

And in 1st place is the Bellroy Note Sleeve. 

This one has everything the big skinny offers, and then some. The large card pocket for your less used cards has a pull tab, which makes accessing them much easier.
And it also has a hidden card pocket that lets you take a card out without opening the wallet.

So it was pretty easy for me to say the Bellroy Note Sleeve had the best usability of the three.

And let’s move on to our 4th topic, Aesthetics.

This topic is the most controversial because it really depends on personal taste, 

​But in my opinion...

​The Bellroy wallet has the best aesthetics of the three.

It really just glows with quality. The top grain leather has a distinguished look that makes you proud to hold it.
I love that it opens like a book, and the gray accent inside truly makes it pleasing to the eyes.

The Huskk looks nice as well, but doesn’t give me the same feeling of quality the Bellroy gives. 

And the Big Skinny looks like a budget wallet.

But the question is, which of these wallets is the best?

We saw that the Big Skinny was the slimmest of the three wallets, and it had good usability, but it is the least durable.

We saw that the Huskk wallet was the most durable, and almost as slim was the big skinny, but it had the worst usability.

And the Bellroy ​wallet had the best usability and aesthetics, but it was the least slim of the three.

Each one has pros and cons, so which one is the best?

Before I say which one I think is best, I want to point out that deciding which wallet is the best is really your decision, based the qualities you value most. Maybe slimness is the most important to you, and you don’t care about durability.

For me personally, I like the Bellroy Note Sleeve. 

I value usability almost as highly as I do slimness. And the thing looks so nice that I just love carrying it around in my pocket. 

I’ll put links to these exact wallets below

That’s all for me today. Adios slim wallet dudes. I’ll see you in the next video.

​Big Skinny Wallet

big skinny wallet

​Bellroy Note Sleeve

Bellroy Note Sleeve

​Huskk Wallet

Huskk Wallet
M Clip Money Clip Review Thumbnail

M-Clip Money Clip In Depth Review – The Unique M-Clip Vs A “Traditional” Money Clip

​M-Clip Money Clip In-Depth Review

​Is this the world's best money clip?

​The M-Clip vs A "Traditional" Money Clip

Order on Amazon: ​


Here is the M Clip Money Clip In-depth Review.

M Clip Money Clip 1

In this video I’ll discuss how this money clip compares to a regular money clip.

I’ll also discuss how well it fits in your front pocket.

And towards the end I’ll also put it under some stress tests where we’ll find out if this money clip is built to last.

The first thing we’ll discuss is how this money clip compares with a traditional money clip.

M Clip Money Clip 2

A “traditional” money clip is typically a piece of metal or carbon fiber, folded in half, which allows cash and credit cards can be securely wedged in.

The chief disadvantage of the design is that due to the inflexibility of the material, it cannot hold large amounts of cash. It also may be difficult to push the cash into the clip.

But the M-Clip is different. I call it a “Chip Clip” style money clip.  

M Clip Money Clip 3

That’s because instead of sliding cash through a small gap, you slide back these two metal bars and squeeze it to open just like you would a chip clip.

M Clip Money Clip 4

The primary benefit of this design is usability.

For small amounts of cash, the traditional money clip is comparable in usability, taking very little time to place cash into either type of money clip.

But where the M-Clip shines is with larger wads of cash.

Here you can see me trying to get a wad of 25 bills into the traditional money clip. It doesn’t slide in easily, and if you’re not careful you’ll even crumple some of the cash.

M Clip Money Clip 6

But for the M-clip 25 bills is no problem. You simply open it up and slide the cash in. No fuss and the money stays nice and crisp.

So the M-Clip beats the traditional money clip in usability.

M Clip Money Clip 7

​And there’s also a surprise benefit I didn’t expect. Every time you slide the metal bars out, they make a satisfying click sound.

But In terms of slimness and front pocketability, the traditional money clip actually takes first place.

The traditional money clip is under half an inch, which means it can slide into your pocket easily, and it’s so thin that you can’t feel it in your pocket.

The M-Clip is quite a bit thicker, around .8 inches at its thickest point. So it doesn’t drop into your pocket quite as easily. But once its in there it feels just fine.

But as I mentioned in the unboxing video, I’m concerned about durability of the M-Clip.

I see two potential failure points in the design.

One potential failure point is that the metal bars could become warped over time from the pressure being applied over and over again.

And the other is the spine of the money clip, which could become thin and break after years of continuous bending.

So I simulated 5 years of use, by squeezing the money clip open thousands of times. I sat on the couch last night watching Netflix, and just squeezed it over and over again for hours.

My forearm is pretty sore, but the money clip doesn’t show any damage to speak of.

So you can rest assured that the m-clip will last for years to come.

But is the M-Clip Slim Wallet Dude Approved? Let’s find out.

What I can tell you about the M-Clip is it has better usability than a traditional money clip.  

In terms of front pocketability, it isn’t a 10 out of 10, but still fits in your pocket just fine.

And it’s built with quality materials that will last you the rest of your life.

And also we can’t forget that satisfying click you hear every time you slide the metal bars out.

So I think it’s easy to say that the M-Clip Money Clip is Slim Wallet Dude Approved!

M Clip Money Clip 1

I’ll put a link to the M-Clip down below. The price is probably a little higher than you’d like to spend, but I say just order it anyway. You’re paying for the quality.

Order on Amazon: ​


Leather Money Clip Wallet From Alpine Swiss Review

3 Things You Need To Know About The Leather Money Clip Wallet From Alpine Swiss

3 Things You Must Know About The Leather Money Clip Wallet From Alpine Swiss​

​Click here to see the Best Slim Wallet On The Market Today

​Here is the Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip Wallet Review. 

Leather Money Clip Wallet Alpine Swiss 1

​This is the only video online where you’ll see someone measure the thickness of this wallet.

​I’ll also discuss some usability concerns.

And stick around till the end to find out if this wallet is Slim Wallet Dude Approved.

The first thing we’ll look at is how well the alpine swiss wallet fits in your front pocket. 

I’d say this wallet’s front pocketability is good, but not great.

You may have heard me say before that If a wallet is below half an inch thick fully loaded, it’ll fit so comfortably in your front pocket that you can’t even feel it.

But with this wallet, we have to judge it a little differently because it’s much thicker along the money clip than the surrounding area.

Leather Money Clip Wallet Alpine Swiss

​Along the money clip the wallet is around .65 inches thick. Which is far above our threshold of half an inch.

Leather Money Clip Wallet Alpine Swiss 3

But the rest of the wallet is as thin as .3 inches.

Leather Money Clip Wallet Alpine Swiss 4

We’ll have to do some math to figure out this wallet’s official thickness.

We can do a weighted average calculation, and based on my measurements the average thickness is around .43 inches thick.

​"Because the average is so low, this wallet works pretty well as a front pocket wallet."

But I have 3 usability concerns you should be aware of if you’re considering buying this wallet. 

And the 3rd one is probably the most important so makes sure to ​read to the end.

The first issue comes from the vertical pockets. 

These types of pockets make it really difficult to pull the cards out.

Leather Money Clip Wallet Alpine Swiss 5

You can solve this problem by installing pull straps like I did in my Travelambo wallet review. You can watch that video to learn how to do it.

The second issue is the strength of the magnets in the money clip. 

For up to 10 bills, it feels very secure, and I’m not worried about it at all.

But if you want to carry thicker wads of cash, say 20 bills or more, the magnet just isn’t strong enough.

Leather Money Clip Wallet Alpine Swiss 6

This could be a deal breaker if you primarily use cash to pay for things.

The third concern I have is the limited number of card slots. 

This wallet only has 4, which doesn’t really work for me. I have closer to 7 cards that I carry daily.

Leather Money Clip Wallet Alpine Swiss 7

So personally I could never use this wallet as my daily driver.

If you want to see a slim wallet that can hold 10 cards or more, ​there's a link at the end of this article ​to what I consider to be the best slim wallet on the market today.

So check that out as soon as we finish up this review.

So is this wallet Slim Wallet Dude approved? Let’s find out.

We found that the wallet at it’s thickest point is above the thickness threshold we are okay with.

But the average thickness is below half an inch.

So it should be slim wallet dude approved right? Not so fast.

Yes slimness is important to me, but I value usability just as much, if not more.

Basically I’m not willing to sacrifice usability for slimness.

What I can tell you about this wallet is:

  • ​It’s hard to pull the cards out,
  • the money clip has a limitation on how much cash it can hold,
  • and it only has 4 slots for cards.

So in my opinion this wallet is not Slim Wallet Dude Approved.

If you want to see a wallet that I do approve of, 

​There’s a link ​below that’ll show you the best slim wallet on the market today.

You’ll have to sign up for my newsletter to see that video, but if you like wallets and everyday carry stuff you’ll like my newsletter so don’t let that stop you.

Mens Slim Wallet

You’ll have to sign up for my newsletter to see that video, but if you like wallets and everyday carry stuff you’ll like my newsletter so don’t let that stop you.

So go ahead click that link right now, and I’ll see you in the next video.

© 2020 ​Slim Wallet Dude. All rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer

Travelambo Front Pocket Wallet Review Thumbnail

Travelambo Front Pocket Wallet Review and MODIFICATION???

​Travelambo Wallet Review and Modification

​The world's best front pocket wallet? (With a small modification)

​This one ​will be fun...

View ​current price: ​

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Here is the travelambo front pocket wallet review. In this video I’ll teach you how to make a modification that will make it much easier to use.

This is also the only video online where you’ll see someone measure the thickness of the travelambo. And stick around till the end to find out if This wallet is slim wallet dude approved.

The first thing we’ll look at is how well the travelambo fits in your front pocket. To fit comfortably in your front pocket a wallet should be below half an inch thick with 7 cards inside. And depending how you measure the travelambo it can fall on either side. If you measure from the top half it’s actually a little over half an inch. But if you measure it from anywhere else on the wallet it falls well below, as thin as .4 inches. So as long as you slide it into your pocket with the thin side down, you won’t have much trouble. The only critique I have of its front pocketability is its width. It’s much wider than a standard credit card, which creates some unnecessary friction when you’re trying to put it into your pocket. So when it comes to front-pocketability I’d give the travelambo 6 out of 10. Still much better than a standard bifold wallet.

But the travelambo has one major flaw in its usability? Wallets with this “no fold” design tend to have an issue where It is difficult to pull the cards out of the pockets. You have to get your finger underneath the card and pull with all your might. It can take 5-10 seconds to get a card out, which is a little awkward when you’re at the cash register and don’t want to hold up the line. 

The good news is I went into the lab for a couple weeks and came up with a solution. If you’ve seen my video, “3 tips you must know before you buy a minimalist wallet” you’ll know I recommend buying a wallet with a pull tab. Since the travelambo doesn’t come with a pull tab built in, we’re going to install one ourselves.

All you’ll need to do it is a needle, thread, and a piece of ribbon. If you’ve never sewn anything before you can do what I did and watch a 3 minute youtube video to learn the basics of stitching.

Once you’ve threaded your needle, The first step is to cut a piece of ribbon approximately 9 inches long.

Fold over one end about half an inch down and that will be the anchor point where the ribbon attaches to the wallet. Do a basic test to make sure you’ve got the length right. And then let’s go ahead and sew this thing on.

So the first step is to push the needle through the leather. If you’re like me and you don’t proper leather working equipment, you’re gonna need something to help you push the needle through. I found this little pocket knife to be a great help at creating some leverage. I was a little nervous that I was going to poke myself, but once I got going it was really easy. I think it took me a total of 5 minutes to get the ribbon stitched into place.

Once you have the ribbon securely sewn onto the wallet, there’s one last step. You’ll want to fold over the end of ribbon a few times and sew that down. This little nub will keep the ribbon from slipping behind the cards, and it also gives you a better grip when you use the pull tab.

But is the travelambo slim wallet dude approved? Well I’m a little conflicted, but I’m leaning towards no. It’s not quite as thin as I’d like for a minimalist wallet, and although it was fun to install the pull tab, it’s a major flaw in the design of the wallet. It’s still a great wallet, but just doesn’t quite meet my standards.

If you want to see a wallet I do recommend, you should get the slim wallet buyer’s guide. It’ll tell you everything you need to know to find a great slim wallet, and best of all it’s totally free. So go to to get your free copy, and I’ll see you in the next video.

ROCO Aluminum Wallet thumbnail

ROCO Aluminum Wallet Review – The Best Aluminum Wallet, or Tin Foil?

​ROCO Aluminum Wallet Review

​The best aluminum wallet, or tin foil?

​One of the thinnest slim wallets, ​but with one major flaw...

View ​current price:

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Radix One slim wallet ThAumbnail

Radix One Slim Wallet Review – Should you put it in your pocket, or the recycling bin?

​Radix One Slim Wallet Review

​Should you put in in your pocket, or the recycling bin?

​This slim wallet could be the thinnest we've ever seen...

View ​current price:

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Distil Union wallet review

Distil Union Wally Micro Review – An innovation in slim wallet design

To view current price on Amazon, click here:

This Distil Union Wallet is an Innovation

This is Luke, the Slim Wallet Dude, and today I will review the Distil Union Wally Micro.

In this article I’ll discuss the pros and cons of the Wally Micro. I’ll even measure the thickness of the wallet with a caliper, which you won’t find anywhere else online.

Distil Union Wallet Review

The cons I find in most minimalist slim wallets I’ve used are:

  1. They’re made of metal or hard plastic, which is inflexible and can even scratch your cards.
  2. It’s hard to get the cards out.
  3. Over 1/2 inch thick (under 1/2 inch makes the wallet fit perfectly in your front pocket)

Distil Union designed the Wally Micro with these common issues in mind.

For one, the wallet is made with leather, which makes it conform more comfortably to your pocket, and will never scratch your cards.

And they even added a couple features that make accessing your cards a breeze.

So you should buy it right?

Some people don’t think so…

Distil Union Wallet Review

In this article, I’ll discuss whether the Distil Union Wally Micro is the first wallet I’d recommend, or the last…


Pro #1 – Fits Comfortably in Your Front Pocket

Distil Union Wallet

The Distil Union Wally Micro is truly a minimalist slim wallet.

It is one of the thinnest leather wallets we’ll ever see, measuring in at only .46 inches with 7 cards inside. 

Compare that to a standard bifold, at over .8 inches in thickness.

It fits so comfortably in your front pocket, that you won’t even feel it.

Pro #2 – Easy to Pull the Cards Out

Distil Union Wallet

This is one way the Wally Micro sets itself apart from other minimalist slim wallets.

As I said earlier, most minimalist wallet designs make it difficult to access all of the cards.

But the Wally Micro has 2 design features that make the cards very accessible.

Pull Tab

Distil Union WalletDistil Union Wallet

When you pull the tab up, the cards come up with it. This makes it incredibly easy to access your top and bottom cards.

But how do I access the middle cards? That’s where #2 comes in…

Thumb through the cards

Distil Union Wallet

After you pull the tab up and the cards are sticking out, you can access the middle cards by placing your thumb on the cards and pushing the card to the left or right.

This makes the card bump against the elastic band, causing it to rotate at 45 degrees.

You can repeat this motion with each card until you arrive at the one you need.

It’s a genius design, and extremely easy to do.

Pro #3 – Colors are Reversible

Distil Union Wallet

This is another way the Wally Micro distinguishes itself from other slim wallets.

The Wally Micro is reversible. The version I bought is gray on the outside, red on the inside. But whenever I want, I can reverse the colors to have red on the outside.

Watch the video at the top of this article to see how to do the reversal.

This feature almost makes the Wally Micro 2 wallets in one.

Pro #4 – Slim Wallet Slingshot

Distil Union Wallet

Distil Union WalletThis Distil Union Wallet is the only wallet in the world that doubles as a slingshot.

It can shoot pennies, soda can tabs, pretty much any small item. And it’s a lot of fun.

All you need to make the Slim Wallet Slingshot is the Wally Micro and a piece of string.

You can play games like Slim Wallet Horseshoes, Slim Wallet Darts, Long Drive Contest, and many more.


Con #1 – Not Great for Cash

Distil Union Wallet

Like most minimalist slim wallets, the Wally Micro isn’t great for carrying cash.

The elastic band holds the cash securely, but feels loose enough that I usually put cash on the inside.

Distil Union Wallet

Putting cash on the inside is fine for me, except I hate creasing a crisp $20 bill when I have one.

Con #2 – Fraying Threads

Distil Union Wallet

I noticed a thread coming loose on the end of the pull tab. I somewhat expected this to happen. It is not uncommon to see stitching come loose in polyester.

I’ve seen this in other polyester wallets.

But since this is a leather wallet, the loose stitching is minimal. I can’t find any loose threads on the leather parts of the wallet.

Distil Union Wallet

So I snipped away the excess thread, and now it looks good as new.


This is the first minimalist slim wallet I’ve seen that lets you access your cards so easily.

Time after time, I review minimalist slim wallets that don’t address this problem. They make the wallet slim and don’t put any focus on usability.

But Distil Union went the extra mile, and came up with an ingenious design.

And even though they didn’t solve the problem of storing cash, I think it’s easy to say that this wallet is Slim Wallet Dude Approved.

order on amazon now
Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review – The World’s Best Slim Bifold Wallet, or scrap leather?

View Current Price:

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Overview of the Bellroy Note Sleeve

This is Luke, the Slim Wallet Dude. In this video I will review the Bellroy Note Sleeve.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Bellroy is a big name in slim wallets, specifically slim bifold wallets.

They have reduced the layers of leather needed to make a bifold wallet…

Which should make it significantly thinner than the traditional bifold wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review


But some people don’t agree…

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

In this article I’ll discuss whether you should buy the Bellroy Note Sleeve, or if you should keep your money in the wallet you have….

In a traditional bifold wallet, you create pockets by sewing in extra pieces of leather.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

The Bellroy Note Sleeve takes a different approach to adding pockets.

While traditional bifolds create pockets by adding leather, Bellroy creates pockets by taking leather away

They cut slits wide enough for a card to slide in vertically.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

The Bellroy Note Sleeve holds up to 12 cards, 20+ bills, has a coin pocket, and blocks RFID signal.

After using the wallet for 3 weeks, I’ve discovered several pros and cons. I will discuss the pros first, and then the cons, and then lastly, I’ll give my final opinion and announce if the Bellroy Note Sleeve is Slim Wallet Dude Approved.

Pro #1 – Fits comfortably in your front pocket

When it comes to bifold wallets, the Bellroy Note Sleeve sets the bar very thin, measuring in at only .56 inches with 7 cards inside.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Compare that to a standard bifold, which is over a quarter inch more thick..

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

I know a quarter inch doesn’t sound like much, but when it comes to fitting something in your front pocket, a quarter inch makes a big difference.

Pro #2 – Good for cash

They call it the “Note” Sleeve because it’s designed to hold bank notes

A.K.A. “Cash”

The Bellroy Note Sleeve keeps your bills flat, which sets it apart from most slim wallets.

Most slim wallets require you to fold up your cash, causing it to become creased and wadded up.

If you like your cash flat and uncrinkled, the Bellroy Note Sleeve may be the wallet for you.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Pro #3 – Pull tab

The 4 slit pockets give you easy access to your most commonly used cards, but where do you put the rest of your cards?

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

There is one large pocket for your less frequently used cards…

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

And a convenient pull tab to make accessing those cards a breeze.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

This is a great pockets for gift cards, insurance cards, any card that you don’t use on a regular basis, but when you do need it, you need it quickly.

Honorable Mention: Coin Pocket

The coin pocket is a great addition for people who don’t want to let loose change clink around in their pants pockets.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

I decided to list it as an honorable mention because although I like the idea, I don’t use it much.

Partly because I don’t carry loose change often.

And also because the flap makes it difficult to get coins in and out of the pocket.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Con #1 – Square design isn’t perfect for front pocket

Although the Bellroy Note Sleeve is plenty thin enough to fit in your front pocket…

The square shape doesn’t always allow it to slide in easily.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

If it were more rectangular, it would slide into your front pocket like butter.

But the square shape is unavoidable. Bellroy made the wallet as small as they could.

The wallet’s measurements are one dollar bill long by one credit card wide, so we can’t beat up Bellroy too much for this one…

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

Con #2 – One of the pockets is not cut wide enough

One of the pockets is not cut wide enough to let a card slide in easily.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

You can get the card to fit if you jimmy it in…

But I avoid using the pocket for fear of tearing the leather


With the pros and cons considered, it’s time I give my final opinion…

Slim Bifold Wallet

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is truly a slim bifold wallet.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

It has all the functionality of a traditional bifold, while being is 30% thinner.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

But does that make up for the fact that I can’t use one of the pockets? And what about the square shape?

Well I’ve made my decision, and the decision is…

The Bellroy Note Sleeve is Slim Wallet Dude Approved!

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

I make all of my decisions based on 2 questions:

  1. Is the product made with quality?
  2. Is it slimmer than my old bifold wallet?

And in the case of the Bellroy Note Sleeve, the answer to both questions is yes.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

It’s significantly thinner than my old bifold wallet.

And even though I can’t use one of the pockets, it’s still one of the highest quality products I’ve ever owned.

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Heschel Charlie Wallet Review

Herschel Charlie Wallet Review: A slim wallet with style and class, but does its have one fatal flaw? (Review)

To buy the Herschel Charlie wallet on Amazon, click the button below

Click Here to Buy on Amazon

The Herschel Charlie Wallet has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, but we can't ignore the handful of 1 star reviews...

In this article I'll discuss the Pros and Cons of the Herschel Charlie Wallet to help you decide if it is right for you...

  1. Overview
  2. Pros and Cons
  3. Conclusion


Herschel Supply Co. has a big name in everyday carry, with a wide variety of wallets and bags.

The Herschel Charlie Wallet is a 100% polyester card wallet.

Here is a brief list of its features:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Holds up to 12 cards (4 cards slots. Each slot can hold 3 cards)
  • Blocks RFID Signal
  • Top access storage sleeve (for cash, coins, or other small items)
  • Available in 8 colors Herschel Charlie Card

Pros and Cons


Fits easily in Front Pocket

Slimness is always valued most by the Slim Wallet Dude. The Herschel Charlie Wallet slides in and out of your front pocket with ease...

Top Access Storage Sleeve

The Herschel Charlie Wallet doesn't skimp on storage space. The large pocket is a great place to keep cash, coins, receipts, concert tickets, you name it.

Classy Design at a Reasonable Price

It looks and feels like a wallet you would buy at Nordstrom, without the price tag.

RFID Blocking

You can never go wrong with an RFID blocking wallet


Hard to pull cards out

The pockets hold the cards very snug, maybe a little too snug. I struggle to pull cards out of a couple of the pockets. Better too snug than too loose though...

Not good for cash

If you need to use cash frequently, this may not be the slim wallet for you. Bills are somewhat difficult to get out of the top storage sleeve.


Slim Wallet Dude Approved!Slim Wallet Dude Approved Radix One Black Steel

The Herschel Charlie Wallet passes the slim wallet dude test. It fits easily in your front pocket, holds cards and cash, and has a sleek design.

Although the cards can be difficult to pull out, it gets easier with practice. And I'd rather it be too hard to get them out than too easy...

Overall, I'm very happy with the Herschel Charlie Wallet, and am using it as my daily driver.

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Radix One Black Steel Review: A Great Minimalist Slim Wallet, or Scrap Metal?

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The Radix One slim wallets have generated a lot of buzz on the internet, with over 3200 reviews on Amazon…

But some of those reviews aren’t good…

In this Article I’ll discuss whether you should buy the Radix One Black Steel, or if it’s just scrap metal…

Radix One Black Steel Review

A basic overview…

The Radix One Slim Wallet is a very simple wallet designed to replace the standard bifold or trifold wallet.

Radix One Black Steel Slim wallet

The Radix One Black Steel is made with 3 parts:

  • two matte black stainless steel plates
  • one black silicon band to hold the plates together

Radix One Black Steel Review

The silicon band wraps around the hardened steel plates to sandwich credit cards and IDs in the middle. The band also acts as a money clip…

Radix One Black Steel Review


Here is a brief list of its other features, then keep reading for the Pros and Cons…

  • Holds 4-10 cards
  • Up to 10 bills
  • Blocks most RFID signal
  • Weighs 3.0 oz.

Pros and Cons

Radix One Black Steel Review

Pros ( keep reading for the cons… )

Heavy gauge stainless steel plates

The steel plates give it a satisfying weight in your hands, almost like holding an expensive watch. They are strong with a little flex, meaning this wallet will last many years.

Easy access to top and bottom card

If you place your most frequently used cards on the top and bottom of the stack, you can access them very quickly, much more quickly than with a bifold wallet.

Remarkably Slim

It’s so thin, you won’t even feel it in your pocket. And it slides out of your front pocket with ease.

Powder Coat Finish

I’ve been using this wallet every day for a few weeks and the paint hasn’t chipped or faded at all. The powder coat also gives it a sleek matte black appearance.

Cards and Cash Held Tight and Secure

The silicon band holds everything very tight. Nothing will accidentally fall out of your wallet.



Hard to get middle cards out…

The ease of access to the top and bottom cards creates some difficulty in accessing the middle cards. But once you master the push-and-pinch technique it becomes much easier..

Rough on the top and bottom cards.

The steel plates constantly rub against the top and bottom cards every time you slide them out. It hasn’t caused any loss of functionality in the cards yet, but it is causing some superficial damage after just a few weeks.

RFID Blocking

Although it will block most RFID, it will still allow hackers to steal information if they can get within a couple millimeters of your wallet. For 100% protection you will need something like the Signal Vault RFID Protection Card.


Slim Wallet Dude Approved

Slim Wallet Dude Approved Radix One Black Steel

Even with the cons I mentioned, I love the Radix One Black Steel. It fits so comfortably in my front pocket and meets all of my needs. At the time of writing this article it is my new daily driver. If you typically carry between 4 and 10 credit cards and not much cash, this wallet is perfect for you.

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