Distil Union wallet review

Distil Union Wally Micro Review – An innovation in slim wallet design

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This Distil Union Wallet is an Innovation

This is Luke, the Slim Wallet Dude, and today I will review the Distil Union Wally Micro.

In this article I’ll discuss the pros and cons of the Wally Micro. I’ll even measure the thickness of the wallet with a caliper, which you won’t find anywhere else online.

Distil Union Wallet Review

The cons I find in most minimalist slim wallets I’ve used are:

  1. They’re made of metal or hard plastic, which is inflexible and can even scratch your cards.
  2. It’s hard to get the cards out.
  3. Over 1/2 inch thick (under 1/2 inch makes the wallet fit perfectly in your front pocket)

Distil Union designed the Wally Micro with these common issues in mind.

For one, the wallet is made with leather, which makes it conform more comfortably to your pocket, and will never scratch your cards.

And they even added a couple features that make accessing your cards a breeze.

So you should buy it right?

Some people don’t think so…

Distil Union Wallet Review

In this article, I’ll discuss whether the Distil Union Wally Micro is the first wallet I’d recommend, or the last…


Pro #1 – Fits Comfortably in Your Front Pocket

Distil Union Wallet

The Distil Union Wally Micro is truly a minimalist slim wallet.

It is one of the thinnest leather wallets we’ll ever see, measuring in at only .46 inches with 7 cards inside. 

Compare that to a standard bifold, at over .8 inches in thickness.

It fits so comfortably in your front pocket, that you won’t even feel it.

Pro #2 – Easy to Pull the Cards Out

Distil Union Wallet

This is one way the Wally Micro sets itself apart from other minimalist slim wallets.

As I said earlier, most minimalist wallet designs make it difficult to access all of the cards.

But the Wally Micro has 2 design features that make the cards very accessible.

Pull Tab

Distil Union WalletDistil Union Wallet

When you pull the tab up, the cards come up with it. This makes it incredibly easy to access your top and bottom cards.

But how do I access the middle cards? That’s where #2 comes in…

Thumb through the cards

Distil Union Wallet

After you pull the tab up and the cards are sticking out, you can access the middle cards by placing your thumb on the cards and pushing the card to the left or right.

This makes the card bump against the elastic band, causing it to rotate at 45 degrees.

You can repeat this motion with each card until you arrive at the one you need.

It’s a genius design, and extremely easy to do.

Pro #3 – Colors are Reversible

Distil Union Wallet

This is another way the Wally Micro distinguishes itself from other slim wallets.

The Wally Micro is reversible. The version I bought is gray on the outside, red on the inside. But whenever I want, I can reverse the colors to have red on the outside.

Watch the video at the top of this article to see how to do the reversal.

This feature almost makes the Wally Micro 2 wallets in one.

Pro #4 – Slim Wallet Slingshot

Distil Union Wallet

Distil Union WalletThis Distil Union Wallet is the only wallet in the world that doubles as a slingshot.

It can shoot pennies, soda can tabs, pretty much any small item. And it’s a lot of fun.

All you need to make the Slim Wallet Slingshot is the Wally Micro and a piece of string.

You can play games like Slim Wallet Horseshoes, Slim Wallet Darts, Long Drive Contest, and many more.


Con #1 – Not Great for Cash

Distil Union Wallet

Like most minimalist slim wallets, the Wally Micro isn’t great for carrying cash.

The elastic band holds the cash securely, but feels loose enough that I usually put cash on the inside.

Distil Union Wallet

Putting cash on the inside is fine for me, except I hate creasing a crisp $20 bill when I have one.

Con #2 – Fraying Threads

Distil Union Wallet

I noticed a thread coming loose on the end of the pull tab. I somewhat expected this to happen. It is not uncommon to see stitching come loose in polyester.

I’ve seen this in other polyester wallets.

But since this is a leather wallet, the loose stitching is minimal. I can’t find any loose threads on the leather parts of the wallet.

Distil Union Wallet

So I snipped away the excess thread, and now it looks good as new.


This is the first minimalist slim wallet I’ve seen that lets you access your cards so easily.

Time after time, I review minimalist slim wallets that don’t address this problem. They make the wallet slim and don’t put any focus on usability.

But Distil Union went the extra mile, and came up with an ingenious design.

And even though they didn’t solve the problem of storing cash, I think it’s easy to say that this wallet is Slim Wallet Dude Approved.

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