Distil Union Wally Micro Unboxing – Wally Micro, My favorite minimalist slim wallet

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Distil Union Wallet Review

Distil Union Wallet

Distil Union Wallet Unboxing – The Wally MicroThis is Luke the Slim Wallet Dude, here with another unboxing.

Today we’re looking at the Wally Micro from Distil Union.

Read all the way to the end because I’m going to show you how you can turn this slim wallet into a slingshot.

You read that correctly, the world’s first ever slim wallet slingshot.

But for now let’s focus on the unboxing.

Distil Union is one the top wallet sellers online, with many different designs.

And the Wally Micro is their true minimalist slim wallet.

The Wally Micro sets itself apart from other minimalist slim wallets for a few reasons.

  1. It is made from leather, which gives it a high quality look and feel.
  2. The convenient pull tab which makes accessing your cards a breeze. Most minimalist wallet designs make it difficult to get cards in and out of the wallet. When you pull the tab up, the cards come up with it.
  3. It’s a reversible wallet. My model is red on the inside, grey on the outside, but it can be turned inside-out to make the red show on the outside. I’ll go over how to do the reversal in a separate article.

I will use the wallet for a few weeks, then I’ll come back and do an in-depth review.

I’ll give the pros and the cons. And I’ll even measure the thickness of the wallet with a caliper.

So go down into the comments, and post your guess of how thick the Wally Micro is with 7 cards inside.

Then come back and watch the review so you can find out how close you got.

And now for the question I know you’re asking, what do you mean I can turn this thing into a slingshot?

The elastic band on the Wally Micro is really strong, strong enough to shoot pennies, soda can tabs, pretty much any small item, and it’s a lot of fun.

Read the How-To guide to learn how you can make your very own Slim Wallet Slingshot in 3 easy steps.

All you need to make it is:

  • The Wally Micro
  • A piece of string

Distil Union Wallet

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