Hershel Charlie Wallet Review

Herschel Charlie Wallet
Herschel Charlie Wallet Review
Herschel Charlie Wallet Review
"Great Slim Wallet"
The Herschel Charlie Wallet is a unique slim wallet with a great design and slim profile. Recommended for anyone who carries cards, but not much cash.
  • ​Fits in your front pocket.
  • ​8-10 cards: Holds all your essentials 
  • ​Large Storage Sleeve: Large pocket can easily hold 10-20 bills, coins, keys, and other small items.
  • Available in lots of colors
  • ​Classy design at reasonable price
Hey everyone this is Luke the slim wallet dude, here today to do a review of the Herschel Charlie wallet.
The Herschel supply Co is a big name in everyday carry and their motto is "the finest quality" but some people don't agree.
In this video I'll discuss whether you should buy the Herschel Charlie wallet or if you should keep your money in the wallet that you have.
The Herschel Charlie wallet is a minimalist slim wallet made from 100% polyester.
It holds up to 12 cards, blocks RFID signal and has a large storage sleeve to hold items like cash or coins.
After using the Herschel Charlie wallet I've discovered several pros and cons.
I will discuss the pros first and then the cons and then lastly I'll give my final conclusion and announce if the Herschel Charlie wallet is slim wallet dude approve
Pro number one: Fits easily in your front pocket.
The Herschel Charlie wallet is incredibly slim measuring in at about a half an inch in thickness with seven cards inside.
That's about a quarter inch thinner than a standard bifold wallet, which may not sound like much but when it comes to fitting something in your front pocket a quarter inch makes a big difference.
Pro number: Two classy design at a reasonable price.
The Herschel Charlie Wallet looks and feels like a wallet you could buy it Nordstrom with a price tag that looks like you could buy it at Walmart.
From an aesthetic standpoint you're getting great value for your money.
Pro number three: top access storage sleeve
The top access storage sleeve is a great place to store cash coins receipts movie tickets pretty much any small item and the bright colors are always a nice surprise.
Con number one: hard to pull the cards out.
It can be pretty hard to slide the cards out with your thumb only. Usually you need to get your index finger underneath the cards to get any momentum at all.
There is one trick though the cards get blocked because you push down too hard and the card can't get past this line of stitching.
If you press more gently the card can slide past the stitching and into your hand.
It takes a little practice but once you have the hang of it it's a breeze.
Con number two: not great for cash
The only way to store cash in this wallet is to fold it up three ways and stick it into the top storage sleeve.
If you stick the cash horizontally it can dip past the edge and be really hard to pull out with your fingers so make sure you always stick the cash in vertically, that way it can't get stuck.
Con number three: fraying threads
After three weeks of use I started to notice some fraying threads on the edges which isn't unexpected but it's something I have to mention since Herschel's motto is the finest quality.
With the pro's and con's considered it's time I give my final opinion.
The Hershel Charlie wallet is incredibly thin but does the thinness make up for the fact that your cash gets stuck in the storage sleeve?
And what about those fraying threads?
Well I've made my decision and the decision is:
The Hershel Charlie wallet is slim wallet dude approved!
I make all my decisions based on two questions:
One, is the wallet slimmer than my old bifold wallet...
And two, is the product made with quality...
And in the case of the Hershel Charlie wallet the answer to both questions is yes.
It fits very comfortably in your front pocket and although some of the stitching came loose, the overall structure of the wallet is solid.
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