​M-Clip Money Clip In-Depth Review

​Is this the world's best money clip?

​The M-Clip vs A "Traditional" Money Clip

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Here is the M Clip Money Clip In-depth Review.

M Clip Money Clip 1

In this video I’ll discuss how this money clip compares to a regular money clip.

I’ll also discuss how well it fits in your front pocket.

And towards the end I’ll also put it under some stress tests where we’ll find out if this money clip is built to last.

The first thing we’ll discuss is how this money clip compares with a traditional money clip.

M Clip Money Clip 2

A “traditional” money clip is typically a piece of metal or carbon fiber, folded in half, which allows cash and credit cards can be securely wedged in.

The chief disadvantage of the design is that due to the inflexibility of the material, it cannot hold large amounts of cash. It also may be difficult to push the cash into the clip.

But the M-Clip is different. I call it a “Chip Clip” style money clip.  

M Clip Money Clip 3

That’s because instead of sliding cash through a small gap, you slide back these two metal bars and squeeze it to open just like you would a chip clip.

M Clip Money Clip 4

The primary benefit of this design is usability.

For small amounts of cash, the traditional money clip is comparable in usability, taking very little time to place cash into either type of money clip.

But where the M-Clip shines is with larger wads of cash.

Here you can see me trying to get a wad of 25 bills into the traditional money clip. It doesn’t slide in easily, and if you’re not careful you’ll even crumple some of the cash.

M Clip Money Clip 6

But for the M-clip 25 bills is no problem. You simply open it up and slide the cash in. No fuss and the money stays nice and crisp.

So the M-Clip beats the traditional money clip in usability.

M Clip Money Clip 7

​And there’s also a surprise benefit I didn’t expect. Every time you slide the metal bars out, they make a satisfying click sound.

But In terms of slimness and front pocketability, the traditional money clip actually takes first place.

The traditional money clip is under half an inch, which means it can slide into your pocket easily, and it’s so thin that you can’t feel it in your pocket.

The M-Clip is quite a bit thicker, around .8 inches at its thickest point. So it doesn’t drop into your pocket quite as easily. But once its in there it feels just fine.

But as I mentioned in the unboxing video, I’m concerned about durability of the M-Clip.

I see two potential failure points in the design.

One potential failure point is that the metal bars could become warped over time from the pressure being applied over and over again.

And the other is the spine of the money clip, which could become thin and break after years of continuous bending.

So I simulated 5 years of use, by squeezing the money clip open thousands of times. I sat on the couch last night watching Netflix, and just squeezed it over and over again for hours.

My forearm is pretty sore, but the money clip doesn’t show any damage to speak of.

So you can rest assured that the m-clip will last for years to come.

But is the M-Clip Slim Wallet Dude Approved? Let’s find out.

What I can tell you about the M-Clip is it has better usability than a traditional money clip.  

In terms of front pocketability, it isn’t a 10 out of 10, but still fits in your pocket just fine.

And it’s built with quality materials that will last you the rest of your life.

And also we can’t forget that satisfying click you hear every time you slide the metal bars out.

So I think it’s easy to say that the M-Clip Money Clip is Slim Wallet Dude Approved!

M Clip Money Clip 1

I’ll put a link to the M-Clip down below. The price is probably a little higher than you’d like to spend, but I say just order it anyway. You’re paying for the quality.

Order on Amazon: ​https://amzn.to/2lwsoLr


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