​3 Tips You MUST Know Before You Buy A Minimalist Wallet

Avoid the common pitfalls and find a wallet you love

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​Find the perfect wallet with my ​​expert advice...

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​I've gone through several minimalist wallets over the years...

​And I've discovered 3 pitfalls the different minimalist wallet makers tend to fall into. If you use these tips you should be able to avoid these pitfalls.

#3 ​is the most important so make sure you stick to the end for that. 

​But let's get started with Tip #1...

​Tip #1 - Don't Buy A Metal Minimalist Wallet

I've found that the metal minimalist wallets can be quite abrasive on your cards.

The scraping you see in the picture below is only from 3 weeks of use.

The card still works, but you can imagine if I kept using the wallet for a full year, the card probably would've been ruined.

Card scratched by minimalist wallet

Tip #2 - Look for Minimalist Wallets With A Pull Tab

Minimalist wallets have a problem with it being difficult to pull cards out of the wallet. A pull tab makes this process much easier.

It's not hard to find a minimalist wallet with a pull tab. Personally, I won't buy another minimalist wallet that doesn't have one.

Minimalist Wallet With Pull Tab
Minimalist Wallet With A Pull Tab

Tip #3 - ​Only Buy Minimalist Wallets That Are Under Half-Inch Thick

To fit comfortably in your front pocket, a wallet should be below half an inch thick with 7 cards inside.

Half-inch is the threshold where a wallet will fit so comfortably in your pocket that you can't feel it. 

​​But I Know What You're Asking Yourself...

How do I find out the thickness of the wallet before I buy it?​
Minimalist Wallet Measured With Caliper at .46 inches
Measuring the thickness of a bifold. .56 inches thick

​I have measured tons of slim wallets. And to save you time, I put together a free guide to help you find the perfect slim wallet.

The guide will even tell you my favorite minimalist wallet.

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