Radix One Black Steel Review: A Great Minimalist Slim Wallet, or Scrap Metal?

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The Radix One slim wallets have generated a lot of buzz on the internet, with over 3200 reviews on Amazon…

But some of those reviews aren’t good…

In this Article I’ll discuss whether you should buy the Radix One Black Steel, or if it’s just scrap metal…

Radix One Black Steel Review

A basic overview…

The Radix One Slim Wallet is a very simple wallet designed to replace the standard bifold or trifold wallet.

Radix One Black Steel Slim wallet

The Radix One Black Steel is made with 3 parts:

  • two matte black stainless steel plates
  • one black silicon band to hold the plates together

Radix One Black Steel Review

The silicon band wraps around the hardened steel plates to sandwich credit cards and IDs in the middle. The band also acts as a money clip…

Radix One Black Steel Review


Here is a brief list of its other features, then keep reading for the Pros and Cons…

  • Holds 4-10 cards
  • Up to 10 bills
  • Blocks most RFID signal
  • Weighs 3.0 oz.

Pros and Cons

Radix One Black Steel Review

Pros ( keep reading for the cons… )

Heavy gauge stainless steel plates

The steel plates give it a satisfying weight in your hands, almost like holding an expensive watch. They are strong with a little flex, meaning this wallet will last many years.

Easy access to top and bottom card

If you place your most frequently used cards on the top and bottom of the stack, you can access them very quickly, much more quickly than with a bifold wallet.

Remarkably Slim

It’s so thin, you won’t even feel it in your pocket. And it slides out of your front pocket with ease.

Powder Coat Finish

I’ve been using this wallet every day for a few weeks and the paint hasn’t chipped or faded at all. The powder coat also gives it a sleek matte black appearance.

Cards and Cash Held Tight and Secure

The silicon band holds everything very tight. Nothing will accidentally fall out of your wallet.



Hard to get middle cards out…

The ease of access to the top and bottom cards creates some difficulty in accessing the middle cards. But once you master the push-and-pinch technique it becomes much easier..

Rough on the top and bottom cards.

The steel plates constantly rub against the top and bottom cards every time you slide them out. It hasn’t caused any loss of functionality in the cards yet, but it is causing some superficial damage after just a few weeks.

RFID Blocking

Although it will block most RFID, it will still allow hackers to steal information if they can get within a couple millimeters of your wallet. For 100% protection you will need something like the Signal Vault RFID Protection Card.


Slim Wallet Dude Approved

Slim Wallet Dude Approved Radix One Black Steel

Even with the cons I mentioned, I love the Radix One Black Steel. It fits so comfortably in my front pocket and meets all of my needs. At the time of writing this article it is my new daily driver. If you typically carry between 4 and 10 credit cards and not much cash, this wallet is perfect for you.

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