Unboxing The Radix One Black Steel – The minimalist slim wallet that is taking the world by storm

To find out how thin the Radix One Black Steel is…

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Radix One Black Steel Review - Thinnest Wallet Ever!


You may have heard of the Radix One Slim Wallets through their successful Kickstarter campaign...

They achieved 200% of their goal and are still doing great selling on Amazon

But the wallet in the Kickstarter was made of plastic

This is a metal slim wallet

The Radix One Black Steel is made with stainless steel plates

It's a slight upgrade...

The first things I noticed about the Radix One Black Steel

  • It's a little heavier than I expected (In a good way. Doesn't feel cheap)
  • The design is very simple. Just 2 stainless steel plates and a silicon band

My initial opinion about this slim wallet is positive

But let's see how I feel when I do the full review


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