​What is the World's Best Slim Bifold?

You've looked for bifold wallets online before right? Every man probably has. 

​And if you're a bit like me, you didn't have any clue what to buy. 

So what was my solution? 

I bought as many slim bifolds as I could afford, and found one that was better than the rest.

In this video, I'll tell you which slim bifold I think is the best.
And I'll teach you more about bifold wallets than you thought there was to learn.

​Watch the video below to see the BEST slim bifold I've ever owned

​Here are links to the exact wallets I showed in the video

​Big Skinny Wallet

big skinny wallet

​Bellroy Note Sleeve

Bellroy Note Sleeve

​Huskk Wallet

Huskk Wallet

Hey slim wallet dudes, Today we’re doing a slim wallet showdown. 

​I’ve got 3 of the top slim bifold wallets here, and In this video I’ll tell you which of the three wallets is the best, but along the way I’ll show you how each wallet has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. And that determining what slim wallet is “The best”, really depends on your own personal preferences.

So the three wallets are the Bellroy note sleeve, Big Skinny Curve, and the Huskk ​Bifold.

We’ll judge these slim wallets based on 4 factors.

  1. ​Usability

  2. Durability

  3. Aesthetics

  4. and of course, slimness.

First let’s talk about slimness.

The golden threshold for slimness is half an inch thick with 7 cards inside. 

If a wallet is below half an inch it will fit so comfortably in your pocket, that you can’t even feel it.

All the way to .6 inches will fit just fine, but when you sit down you’ll feel it in your pocket.

​I measured the thickness of each wallet with 7 cards inside, and here are the results

  1. ​3rd place at .56 inches is the Bellroy Note Sleeve

  2. ​2nd place at .48 inches is the Huskk

  3. And the slimmest wallet at .46 inches is the Big Skinny Curve

Not only is the big skinny curve the thinnest, it also has this curved edge which allows it to drop into your front pocket with very little resistance.

The square-edged wallets, can get caught on the lip of your pocket.

The Huskk and the Bellroy fit in your front pocket very comfortably, just not quite as well as the Big Skinny.

And the Bellroy is above the half inch mark, which means you’ll feel it in your pocket when you sit down.

But slimness doesn’t come for free. You’ll see soon that there are only two ways to make a wallet more slim.

One way is to use a thinner material. 

Which leads us into our second topic, Durability.

The durability is entirely dependent on the type of material used to make the wallet.

And each of these wallets is made with a different material with varying levels of durability.

Coming in third place, is the Big Skinny Curve.

It’s made from nylon microfiber, this is a very thin material which works fine for the short term, but in 3-5 years it’ll get totally worn out. Some people also dislike its texture.

Coming in second place is the Bellroy Note Sleeve. 

It’s made from Top Grain Leather, which is the 2nd highest grade of leather you can buy. The only type of leather more durable is Full Grain leather. The difference being that Top Grain leather is slightly thinner, meaning it’s a little less durable.

And the most durable wallet of the three is the Huskk. 

It’s made from Full grain leather. This type of leather is known for its durability, and as it ages the leather will take on character and actually look better over time.

So to do a quick recap, 

​The big skinny curve was the thinnest of the three, but it was the least durable.

The Huskk was the most durable, and the 2nd most thin.

And the Bellroy was the thickest wallet, and the 2nd most durable.

So right now you may be thinking that the Huskk is the best wallet.

But remember how I said there are only 2 ways to make a wallet more slim?

We showed that one way is to use a thinner, less durable material

And the other way to slim it down is to reduce the number of pockets in the wallet

​Which leads us into our 3rd topic, Usability.

To have great usability, a slim bifold should have several card pockets, and one large pocket for cash that keeps bills crisp and organized.

​I've analyzed these wallets for a long time, and I've ranked them in Usability.

Coming in 3rd place in usability is the Huskk Wallet.

The huskk only has 2 card pockets, and no large pocket for cash.
Since the cards have to share pockets, it can be a little slow to pull out the card you need sometimes. And the cash is under this strip of leather, which is a little hard to slide cash into, and it doesn’t give any organization.

In 2nd place is the Big Skinny Wallet. 

It has several card pockets, and has a large cash pocket that keeps money crisp and organized. It also has a large card pocket behind the id window to hold your less used cards like insurance or gift cards.

And in 1st place is the Bellroy Note Sleeve. 

This one has everything the big skinny offers, and then some. The large card pocket for your less used cards has a pull tab, which makes accessing them much easier.
And it also has a hidden card pocket that lets you take a card out without opening the wallet.

So it was pretty easy for me to say the Bellroy Note Sleeve had the best usability of the three.

And let’s move on to our 4th topic, Aesthetics.

This topic is the most controversial because it really depends on personal taste, 

​But in my opinion...

​The Bellroy wallet has the best aesthetics of the three.

It really just glows with quality. The top grain leather has a distinguished look that makes you proud to hold it.
I love that it opens like a book, and the gray accent inside truly makes it pleasing to the eyes.

The Huskk looks nice as well, but doesn’t give me the same feeling of quality the Bellroy gives. 

And the Big Skinny looks like a budget wallet.

But the question is, which of these wallets is the best?

We saw that the Big Skinny was the slimmest of the three wallets, and it had good usability, but it is the least durable.

We saw that the Huskk wallet was the most durable, and almost as slim was the big skinny, but it had the worst usability.

And the Bellroy ​wallet had the best usability and aesthetics, but it was the least slim of the three.

Each one has pros and cons, so which one is the best?

Before I say which one I think is best, I want to point out that deciding which wallet is the best is really your decision, based the qualities you value most. Maybe slimness is the most important to you, and you don’t care about durability.

For me personally, I like the Bellroy Note Sleeve. 

I value usability almost as highly as I do slimness. And the thing looks so nice that I just love carrying it around in my pocket. 

I’ll put links to these exact wallets below

That’s all for me today. Adios slim wallet dudes. I’ll see you in the next video.

​Big Skinny Wallet

big skinny wallet

​Bellroy Note Sleeve

Bellroy Note Sleeve

​Huskk Wallet

Huskk Wallet

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